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Don't have to apologize for the way I feel

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That was just too great!

Um, I have a project for anyone feeling artistic. I have become obsessed with silver nitrate, not silver nitrate per se, but a name that silver nitrate (apparently) goes by: Lunar Caustic. I would love it for anyone to give me an artistic represenation of this compound. I'm thinking a picture, but words or sound would work too. You can find a (decent) image of it at www.chemfinder.com Bear in mind this is just one resonance structure (of three identical structures) the actual structure of silver nitrate has partial double bond character for each nitrogen-oxygen bond and a partial negative charge on each oxygen. Silver has a positive charge on it, Nitrogen has a positive charge on it, and two of the oxygens in each resonace structure have negative charges. Overall it has a formal charge of 1. Anyway. someone impress me. Oh and it's ionic I believe.

Get to work!!!

Also I found a danish metal band named Lunar Caustic. XD
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