Daniel (bellydancindan) wrote,

la la la la la la la la la la la la

What the fuck
God dammit. I hate my coworkers alot sometimes. That aside...countdown to me quitting. yay. I can't wait!!! Three is the way to be.

There was a crazy storm tonite. it was real cool. Re-reading the last days of foxhound. so sublimely funny. I saw a girl with a shirt I wanted on the front it said "I'm Rad" and on the back it said "You're Rad" and then in littler font under that it said "let's hug". too wicked for me thanks.

Also, mr. tv, shut the FUCK UP ABOUT BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN. I don't care for god's sake! Just SHUT UP. I've barely seen ANY ads for any of the other films that did well at the oscars (I see only a scarce few ads for crash, and i think I've only seen one ad for capote) so just SHUT UP. I am not that blown away.
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