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All the news that's fit to read

The Sting is really one of the greatest songs ever written ever! If you know me (which let's face it, you are reading a website, of course you do) then you know that I love TSN and I never falter from that stance, but I do forget sometimes just how fantastic some of their stuff is. The Sting is just amazing...Givese me motherfucking goosebumps.

Just spent like, fifteen minutes poking through your lj for annabelle the dancing sheep ben. You fucking crazy. Your journal is really funny. I did find this survey which was neat, and because I'm cranky and tired, I shall fill it out again

I actually lost it, and had to go digging through ben's journal again to find it.

10 Random things about me

1. I hate my astrological sign
2. I ate alot less food these past two days then I've been eating, and I am really proud of me.
3. I get embarassed really easily, and I don't like to admit it even to myself.
4. I really like my first name...which is not dan btw.
5. I really worry that I'm racist.
6. I hate america
7. I love the bus
8. I get freaked out by having my blood drawn.
9. I am the worst shaver ever
10.I rarely use conditioner

9 places I want to visit:

1. Paris!
2. Denmark!
3. The inside of freezepop's bodies so I can wear their skin and take their memories!
4. Seattle would be kinna fun.
5. Somewhere in the midwest.
6. London
7. Where the birds always sing...
8. Not africa!
9. Man, right after the racism thing...
8 things I want to do before I die:

1. Calm the fuck down.
2. Maybe become a rokk star? Or at least piggyback off of one?
3. Burn tech to the ground!
4. Get Kazam married to a nice boy bird.
5. Bake a pie all on my own.
6. become tom petty
7. Get a good haircut
8. Become a rap megastar (Ben's answer, I'll keep it)

7 ways to win my heart:

1. Laugh at my jokes
2. Make me laugh
3. Don’t be overly happy.
4. Tact
5. Don't judge me
6. Lurve kazambot.
7. Lurve tom petty.

6 things I believe in:

1. A thing called love
2. biology is stupid!!!
3. evolution
4. That tom petty is a genius
5. night time is beautiful
6. Life isn't all bad all the time.

5 things I’m afraid of:

1. My shoes
2. Getting a real job
3. School
4. Global warming
5. Sex

4 of my favorite items in my bedroom:

1. fantom
2. korg
3. cardinal snow globe
4. My bed

3 things I do almost every day if not everyday:

1. Listen to music
2. freak out
3. laugh

2 things I'm trying not to do right now:

1. something something
2. stress myself

1 person I want to see right now:

1. No one really. I'm okay just sitting here alone.

Oh, and I'm making my lj friends-only. I'm not removing anyone (not because I don't hate many, if not all of you, I'm just a lazy person) so no worries :-)

<3 my lj friends

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