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I'm not racist, I just hate all people.

Name ten of life's simple pleasures that you like most then pick ten people to do the same. Do this if you want. Try to be original and creative and not to use things that someone else has already used.

1. Sleeping with the windows open.
2. Hearing a song you really want to hear.
3. Being clean!
4. Quiet walks home.
5. Frappucinnos. Yeah, I'm going to hell.
6. Just taking some time out for yourself.
7. making pointless numbered lists (I really do love lists)
8. Waiting to fall asleep
9. Knowing you don't have to get up to do anything awful the next day
10. Living the moment

I tag everyone.

I got a black&white cookie from starbucks today. Not good. Not good at all. There was some insanely stupid shit happening downtown, and I walked half the way home, so I got to experience some of it. Last time I walked home was at night over spring break, so it was totally desolate. I knew it was nice then, but i never really knew how nice until today. Need to put kazam to bed, and give the puppies a little walk on the street. Oh, and as I was waiting for the bus (drinking my fucking enormous frappucinno, venti is italian for "larger then God") some guy in a car drives past me and yells (and I quote) "Waiting for the bus!" Yes everyone, college is where smart people come from. Or so I am told...
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