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I am an athlete!

I converted my soccer ball today...into a buckyball! It is so rad!!! It makes me so happy! In case you don't know, Buckyballs (actual name buckminsterfullerene) are the third kind of pure carbon (the other two are diamonds and graphite). It's molecular formula is C60. Yup. Just 60 carbons. They arrange themselves into spheres composed of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons. Every carbon is sp2 hybridized (i.e. every carbon's orbitals are hybridized so that they form three single bonds and one double bond, theoretically every carbon has is double bonded to one other carbon and single bonded to two others [the math works there I just worded it strangely]). Bucky balls are not aromatic as they are not planar (benzene is aromatic for example). Being a dome, nothing is lying flat, all of these rings are slightly strained and bent inward a bit. This means that not all of the pi electrons (the electrons that are used for double bonds) can be delocalized throughout the entire structure (like in benzene). I don't really know alot about buckyballs, I would guess that they must still have some marginal resonance, but if the angle strain is enough to make them non-aromatic, then I don't really see how they could delocalize their electrons at all. Experimentally buckyballs undergo addition reactions as opposed to substitution reactions, which definitely means it's non-aromatic (but we knew that) but if it was resonance stabilized at all I have no idea why it would be more stable to ever do an addition reacion, aromaticity or not, but then again, what do I know? The bottom line here is, it's not aromatic, and the electrons aren't completely delocalized throughout the entire sphere, perhaps they are marginally in each ring though.

Anyway...off-topic... :-D The real bottom line is buckyballs look exactly like soccer balls. XD Exactly. So i took my soccer ball, drew in the appropriate double bonds, and labeled it "Buckyball!" and else where "buckminsterfullerene" and under each I wrote C60. It is SO COOL!!! It makes me so happy to just bounce the little bitch around! To make it more clear though I had to draw the double bonds "twice" for some C-C bonds. That is hard to put into words but you'll notice if you see the ball. The bottom line is I did it for aesthetic purposes, not because I think carbon actually makes five bonds occasionally XD But wouldn't it be crazy if it did?

Bachelor in Arts

Does this make me bad cure fan? Sports and all? XD
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